About us

KOD Development Solutions Company.. The company designs and develops websites and mobile applications, designs visual identity, and e-marketing, of all types, as well as Cybersecurity. It was established in 2017 and acquired preference and excellence between similar companies, as witnessed by the clients and competitors as a result of the accuracy of staff’s work, acquiring the trust and satisfaction of clients through the works we implemented in high quality and extreme excellence.


We Create With You Your First Steps

Our Vision

We are always looking forward to being partners in success with our clients to achieve their objectives, in addition to providing the best services in the programming field, and designing and developing websites, mobile applications, cybersecurity, and e-marketing.

Our Mission

To make KOD Solutions a leading company in programming and marketing works, and the perfect and important option before all clients, in line with the future vision in the world of works and technology.

Our Value

Our values are derived from our understanding of our client's requirements, and provide them with highly cost-effective solutions. We work on keeping our dealings of high credibility, as a contract was signed between the organization and the client at implementing the project to keep the client’s rights and intellectual property of his project.

Foundation goals

At KOD Solutions Company, we are looking forward to providing the most recent resources and technologies, to help our customers to achieve top success in online business.

Director's word

When I remember how we had started and developed, and where are we now, I feel proud of all the successes we achieved. When we established this establishment in 2017, we were young and zero experience, we were learning, and aiming to achieve a high level, although we have started from nothing, but we could perform great achievements. In the past, Code Solutions Name was not known to anybody, and it was strange for us but now, all the employees and I are proud when we declare that we belong to Code Solutions Company.
After we have done great effort and overcome many challenges we faced, we become aware of an important fact about ourselves that we can do anything we want to achieve.
During the years we spent in Code Solutions Company, I learnt that the large organizations are based on great persons, so I honored to work with Code Solutions Team, without which we couldn’t achieve what we are now. I will not talk about the effectiveness and ability of the team I lead all over the middle east in terms of professionalism, education, and ability to bear liability.
Now and after implementing hundreds of successful projects in different fields, I only can thank our clients and partners, and anyone trusted us and depended on us through using Code Solutions in Management of his work. I promise them all that we will do our best efforts to worth this trust.
Finally, I want to tell you the secret of our success, it is the work through proper scientific knowledge, we care for in Code Solutions, as having the integrated knowledge of our scope of work enable us to go in fixed steps to achieve our expectations, it enables us to overcome all the difficulties and challenges we face in the near future.
Software Engineer: Ahmed Hamza

Software Eng.\ Ahmed Hamza