Hosting, Domain, and Official E-Mails

We reserve the website name, and the best hosting for the persons and companies online with the required number of official e-mail addresses Only select the type of host and the appropriate space for your project. Domain reservation service, and hosting We provide web hosting service, which is concerned with reserving the necessary space for websites, where all site files are stored, including PHP files, HTML files, images, and videos, and we also provide different sizes starting from 100 MB to 2GB and more, to suit different hosting needs, according to the diversity websites. Some may have a problem knowing the difference between domain and hosting, so we will clarify this difference, while answering all the questions that are often asked by customers.

What is the difference between domain and hosting?

First: the domain:

The domain name, or what is called the domain name, is the address of the website, which individuals type in the browser bar, to visit this site.In other words, it is not possible to visit your private site, except by writing your domain address, such as the address of

Second: Hosting:

Web hosting, which is where all website files are stored. In other words, if the domain is the address of your website, hosting is the one that will store all your files on your site, so all websites need hosting.

What is the relationship between domain and hosting?

Crossing the domain and hosting the site, although they are two different services, they work together. In other words, without the domain, it will be difficult to find your website, and without hosting the website, it is not possible to create your own website at all. When purchasing the domain and hosting the site from the same company, there will be no need to make any modifications, and it will be easy to manage and renew the two services under the same control panel. Also, the domain and website hosting can be purchased from two different companies, but in this case the domain must be linked to the hosting by modifying the DNS settings.

Should I buy a domain and hosting when creating a website?

In order to create your own website, you will need to buy a domain and host a website, and when you buy the domain, you have the right to use it for a specific period, usually a year, and it can be renewed. Also, you need to buy a website hosting to store all the files for your site, and when you buy hosting you will link it with the domain, if they were purchased from two different companies, but when purchased from the same company. Mostly, the domain cost is $12 annually, and website hosting costs $8 per month, and if this is the first time to create your own website, you will find that the cost is slightly higher than that. Now, once you have purchased your domain and hosting, you can start building your website.

What are the types of web hosting sizes?

Properties 100MB   500MB 1GB 2GB 5GB
data exchange   10GB 20GB 20GB 60GB   80GB
All characteristics Unlimited   Unlimited   Unlimited   Unlimited   Unlimited  
E-mail   Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Domains available   1 1 5 10 Unlimited  
Uptime   99.9%   99.9%   99.9%   99.9%   99.9%  
price per month   5$   9$ 11$ 13$ 17$    
price of the year   20$   60$ 81$   109$    163$
3 year price   36$   160$ 200$ 280$    360$   

What do web hosting plans include?

cPanel Control Panel Perl phpMyAdmin
htaccess SMTP POP3
Backups Python AWStats
No Contract Cron Webalizer
Free Setup GD2 Private SSL allowed
Addon / Parked Domains Imagemagick Dedicated IP allowed
Fast, Friendly Support Fantastico Script Autoinstaller Raw Log Manager
Sub Domains Hotlink protection POP3/IMAP/SMTP
Referrer Logs, Error Logs Instant blog, forums, portals Webmail
FTP Accounts phpnuke Auto Responders/Mail Forwarding
MySQL Databases URL Redirect Mailing Lists
CGI File Manager Catchalls/Email Alias
PHP5 PW Protect directories Spam Assasin

What are the common questions customers ask?

Q: Is it possible to pay in a currency other than the dollar?

A: Payment is not required in dollars, and payment can be made in the country’s currency from any country in the world.

Q: What are the payment methods for domain and hosting reservation?

A: Payment can be made in cash, or by PayPal, bank transfer, Western Union, or any other suitable method.

Q: How long does it take to reserve a domain and hosting?

A: Reservation takes less than 24 hours after payment.

Q: Is it possible to reserve the domain only or hosting only?

A: Yes, it is possible to reserve the domain only, or hosting, or both together, or book integrated website packages that include domain and hosting, script and search engine optimization.

Q: What is your lowest cost plan to try the service?

A: It is possible to reserve hosting of 100 megabytes per month for $5, or to reserve a domain for a year with $11. Thus, the cost of a domain for a full year and hosting for a month is only $16.

Q: Is it possible to transfer the domain or hosting of my website to another company?

A: Yes, because when you register the domain or hosting, you have the right to use them, and also transfer them to any other company.

Q: Can my website be transferred to another company without changing the domain?

A: Yes, because you bought the domain and hosting, and they are now yours, and if you want to transfer your website hosting to another company, you can transfer it by transferring files and data, and then you modify your domain settings and direct it to your new website hosting company.