Visual identity design

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Visual identity design

The design of the visual identity expresses the basic lines that will be used to design various products, in order to highlight the brand identity, which reflects the principles and values of the individual, the company, or the institution, and serves as the cornerstone for building trust with customers, distinguishing it from its competitors in the market, and consolidating its shape in the minds of customers. potential, and it helps in marketing and spreading. Some visual identity designs express luxury, and some express simplicity, so it is important when designing a commercial identity to pay attention that it reflects the principles and values of work, in an integrated and homogeneous manner in all printed designs and paper and digital publications, to give an impression that remains stuck in the minds of the target audience, and develops belonging Within the current audience, and all of this is one of the most important requirements of the current era, to achieve success for the brand. Here, in this article, we will learn about the visual identity design service in some important points, namely: 1- What is visual identity design? 2- What are the elements of visual identity? 3- What is the working method and planning for designing a visual identity? 4- Frequently asked questions about visual identity design?  

What is visual identity design?

The visual identity expresses the impression that will last about the brand in the minds of customers, through images, information, and graphics that describe everything to the customer about the values and principles of the brand identity, so the design must be professional, easy to understand, as it relates positively to the mind of the customer, and to attract the attention of the customer. The customer is more The design must be present in front of the customer permanently, whether inside the store, on product covers, or through advertisements and other methods, and the designer must design the logo according to scientific standards, according to the field of work, and standardize the form of visual identity for services and products, as The customer can recognize it by looking at the logo, colors, fonts, or icons. Hence, we know that the brand identity is a means of communication with the local and global market, and the brand must be distinguished from competitors, in order to encourage customers to interact with it.

What are the elements of visual identity?

Before starting to design the visual identity of the brand, the elements of the visual identity must be separated from the brand’s products. Its visual identity automatically recognizes the brand, and the visual identity must be able to evolve with the development of the brand, provided that it is consistent and complements each other. The visual identity includes a number of elements, which are:

1- Logo:

It is the first of these elements, because it represents the shape of the brand’s identity, which the audience sees and interacts with. Here are rules that help in designing a consistent and balanced logo, starting with drawing preliminary models and diagrams, and starting to develop the basic shape of the logo, to suit the brand’s identity, and color it in colors Appropriate and distinct to the nature of the visual identity of the brand, in order to draw the public’s attention to it, and to be entrenched in their minds.

2- Colors:

Upon completion of the design of the logo that is consistent with the brand identity, the stage of coloring the logo begins, with colors commensurate with the nature of the visual identity, as colors are one of the most important features of the brand, as they draw the attention and feelings of the target audience towards the brand, and consolidate it in their minds.

3- Icons:

These icons indicate the products and services provided, and the advantages provided by the brand, and the design of these icons takes the same approach as the logo and colors of the visual identity of the brand, and these icons are used in mobile applications, websites, publications and advertising publications. 4- The style of pictures and photography: The image and photography style element is one of the most important elements that highlight the visual identity of the brand from others, as the distinctive image style of the brand helps to give a lasting impression in the minds of customers in favor of this brand, and companies, institutions and others should pay great attention to providing photography specialists to take their pictures , in a way that distinguishes the brand from others, and in a professional way, to be used distinctly in the designs of flyers and advertising publications, and in the web pages for marketing this brand.

5- Texts and typography:

The text element and typography must be inspired by the logo and the colors that are designed to highlight the visual identity of the brand, in order to integrate with it in attracting the attention of the audience, and a specific set of fonts that will be used in advertising writing must be chosen, in line with the brand’s personality.  

What is the working method and planning for visual identity design?

Before starting to design the visual identity of the brand, some basic elements must be discussed, in order to know the true commercial identity, and accordingly the elements of the visual identity of the brand are built. There are some steps to take before starting the design of the visual identity, namely:

Discussing the idea:

Its purpose is to define the goal of the brand, and based on it the logo that expresses it is inspired, as well as to define the vision, tasks, mission and values of the brand, which will appear in the design of the brand. In terms of logo, colors, writing style and photography.

Visual identity design:

Based on what has been discussed, more than one logo design will be created and presented in digital application forms and paper printed forms that are consistent with the objectives of the brand. They will be evaluated and the most distinctive design, which can leave a lasting impression in the minds of the target audience, will be chosen.

– Final delivery of the visual identity design:

After discussing the designs submitted to the company or institution, and choosing the most distinctive design, the necessary modifications are made, if any, and the design is reviewed again, finally approved, and delivered within high-quality work files.  

Frequently asked questions about visual identity design?

Q: How do I start designing my own visual identity and logo?

A: We are here to help you. You can contact us to discuss your website design service.

Q: How long does it take to design my visual identity?

A: Here the period varies according to the requirements, and the average period for delivering the visual identity ranges from 10 to 15 days.

Q: What is the cost of designing my visual identity?

A: The cost varies according to the requirements and the time required to complete the work. It is possible to say that the cost of designing a visual identity starts from 100 USD.

Q: What are the requirements for designing my visual identity?

A: The service request form is filled out, the field of work is specified, the preferred colors, if any, and examples of logos that you like are also attached, from which you can draw an initial design idea.

Q: What does my visual identity service include?

A: It includes the logo design, including the colors and fonts used, the design of all necessary prints and publications, the design of social media banners, and their delivery in high quality design files.

Q: What are the submission files for my visual identity design?

A: All work files are delivered in AI – PSD – JPG – PNG – PDF

Q: How many revisions of my logo and visual identity?

A: Three logo design reviews, two identity design reviews.